ESPN Broadcast Packages 

Imaginary Forces.

I was asked by Imaginary Forces, NY to be a part of this amazing projects. 

“Physics-defying trophies; lovingly crafted homages to the artistic heritage of France; and the unifying palette of jewel-tones shot through with gold — all wonderfully conceived. But the real star? Those dead sexy paint strokes.”
— Motionographer.com

Package Sizzle 

(Sizzle Reel by Imaginary Forces)


My role was to create match-up graphic of every participated countries in left and right positions.


Creative Director: Jeremy Cox
Art Director: Theo Daley
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Producer: Will Arnold
Coordinator: Krista Templeton
PA: Christine Hernandez
Designers: Theo Daley, Maggie Tsao, Henry Chang, Patty Wong, Hannah Sung, Jan Nygren, Michael Cina
Animators: Henry Chang, Sekani Solomon, Seth Minnich, Adam Tanner, Nathan Goodell, Ned Piyadarakorn, Patty Wong, Hannah Sung, Dave Rogers, Cyp Sadlon, Mark Thompson, Vinny Vincola, Pat Arrington
Paint Wrangler: Max Strizich
Systems Management/Render Wrangler: Matt Carroll

Client: ESPN Creative Services
Senior Coordinating Producer: Amy Rosenfeld
Creative Director: Timothy O’Shaughnessy
Sr. Animator: Dale Harney
Sr. Designer: Renata Sedzimir
Coordinating Designer: Greg Morton
Producer: Sue Cassidy
Post Producer: Tara Baker

Music by Parov Stelar